Saturday, May 16, 2015

In which I go shopping and spend nothing

Good thing = Spotlight voucher
Extra good thing = Spotlight sale
Super duper good thing  = complicated, unadvertised 40% discount scheme
Super duper but slightly dodgy good thing = free stuff!

The sun was shining, the sky was blue. Kim had taken me out to the French patisserie for coffee. Spotlight was just around the corner. I was only going in for interfacing...

All thus is blouses-to-be with vintage buttons from L'uccello (I have zero voucher!)

The dodgy part of all this is this -

Didn't scan through the register! I have brown wool for a skirt. Just need lining from The Fabric Store on Brunswick Street. Who are having a sale. And guess who has a voucher? Yay!!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fair Isle knits

One of the classic vintage styles is Fair Isle. My dear mum is willing to take on the challenge. These are all from Susan Crawford's A Stitch in Time.

Notice they are all twinsets!! And of course, I must include my beloved reindeer top. Because I ask for it every year and I STILL HAVEN'T GOT IT!!!

(I'd normally include more about the history of Fair Isle and some 1940s examples but I'm blogging from my phone at the moment so that's why the posts are so short.)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Chestnut, pumpkin, peach and plum

My favourite seasonal activity is planning my wardrobe. I love packing away the last month's clothes, reviewing what I have and making lists of what I need to add. The best part is starting with colours for inspiration.

Pheasants! I think this is from a ladybird book. I've been busy sewing blouses in the pumpkin colours. But once you see past the rich rust of feathers there are dusky pinks, RAF blue, Kelly green, mulberry and plum. Delicious!

A few of these are from last year and each year I'll build on it. My 'pheasant collection' just needs a few of the contrasting colours and then I'll be done for now. And Spotlight is having a sale!! Mum's kindly going to start knitting a vest in RAF blue, using a vintage pattern from Stitches in Time. I just need some new - larger - swing trousers and the smocks can go! Yay!!

Here's a few of the other things I'm inspired by...

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Old life - new life

It's been a while. The Victory Garden died. My hair was cut short. The vintage dress replaced with a scar-easing smock. I went low maintenance at a time when life was feeling very high maintenance. And then came the chaos of med failure: fainting spells, falls and LOTS of scrapes and bruises.

But this week it all came good. In a manic burst of cleaning I tried on all my vintage clothes. So much no longer fits on my post surgery curves. But so much that has potential. Now I open my wardrobe to see a splash of richly coloured 1940s blouses all set for the russet days of autumn. And I feel like I've found myself again!

My Jean Seberg pixie is growing out. And the curls are back! I feel like sewing, pottering in the garden and planning knitting projects with mum. I'm poring over vintage patterns and looking at wool. I have a (modest) shopping list.

The time off work has given me sunshine mornings with Mr Kim. Being read to, laughing, eating wildly manic recipe experiments. Mum also has been to look after me - eating cake and cooking rice puddings in old style enamel tins. Doctors George, Jens and Dita have purred and snuggled and cuddled me back to health.

I feel like me again! Ready for new life, but not really regretting the old one. And the best new life of all? Miss Juno!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dig for Victory

Such a sunshiny day I just had to get out in the garden. My current project is to extend the Victory Garden a bit. The area next to it was choked with wretched spider plants so it needed some hefty spadework to clear. Took me two days but I'm super pleased with the results. The kittens came to help me and my neighbor Fleur brought me a cup of tea at just the right time!

The plan is to get some beetroot in, some pansies, marigolds and more parsley. Yes, more parsley! The new area has a lot of tree roots so if I get herbs in it will leave me room in the first patch for veggies. Love winter garden planning!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Arthelia's Attic snood

Here's my new custom snood from Arthelia's Attic!

I am completely in love with it and about to order some more. And looking at my shirt I'm quite pleased with it. Might make another. Though there's some brown wool waiting to become a skirt...- Toodle Pip!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Well hello sailor!

New woollies from my mum! This is the V for Victory cardigan from the Stitches in Time vintage knitting book. Knitted in super gorgeous silk wool blend. It's fine and featherlight but snuggly warm. You can't see but I'm wearing my anchor shirt and the cardi has cute little anchor buttons. Matchy matchy! With my Heyday navy trousers. So thanks mum for all your knitting time and talent. And yes, I'd like another one please! Toodle Pip!